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Hello Sweeties!

My name is Sanna, I’m 24 and I live in a small town in Finland.

I’m Whovian. Haven’t been one for long, but planning to be for the rest of my life. I also love Merlin, Fringe, HIMYM, TBBT, Misfits..

I find new social situations awkward, and the only way I can cope through them is to talk so very very much, be as loud as I can and make really bad jokes. But I have always had lots of friends. Lately I have noticed, that they don’t get the whole YouTube/Vlogbrothers/Doctor Who -thing, and that is why I am here. I’m also going to VidCon and it would be lovely to know people beforehand. BTW I’m much more fun IRL.

So if this summary of me got you interested, check out my tumblr (not much there, but still..) duckwheelchair.tumblr.com

Few weeks ago I visited London and this was taken.


A Catchy Title To Make You Think I’m Witty

So, hey there! My name’s Iona, I’m 17, British and live in the Highlands of Scotland. I say British though, because if you’re in Scotland with an English accent and claim to be Scottish, every Scottish person in a five mile radius suddenly wants to bottle you.
In a word I am inconsistent. In a few more, I am a bisexual, kinda silly, reader, Whovian, Sherlockian, Potterhead, Nerdfighter who doesn’t really see the point in a snack if it isn’t sweet, a lesson if it isn’t interesting or a person if they’re close minded. I am an avid tea-drinker (Earl Gray, mostly), but my “normal” sugar levels are most people’s “sickening”. I dislike it when people define themselves or their friends as only “crazy” or “weird. I find horror movies fascinating, but cannot watch them. I love video games, but cannot play them.
My greatest passion is acting, I find no greater pleasure than when I am on the stage, I’m always thinking up plays and scenes and dialogue. I also love science and maths and, well, anything interesting. I think that society places too much importance on appearance, but I’m still shallow and like it when I look pretty. I dislike it when people what to drink for the sake of drinking, but I’m very curious as to what I’d be like drunk (sadly, most alcohol tastes like piss to me). I swear quite a lot, hold unpopular opinions that I won’t state here because I want you all to like me, and I like dressing male. My humor is all over the shop and I veer wildly between narcissistic and “Hey! Come listen to this stupid thing I did!”.

I also like talking, as you can probably see. To stop myself from writing an entire essay, I’m going to stop now. Here’s my url;


Come drop me a message, have a look around, stay, if you’d like, for texting and scones. I’m here for mates as well as mating (yes, it’s bad, I apologize, I couldn’t help myself), so don’t be scared! I won’t bite!

And here’s a picture if you, for some reason, want to see my baby face;


Hey there friends! I’m reintroducing myself since my life/interests/url changed since the last time I submitted :)

I’m Amy, I’m 18, and I’m currently a freshman at the University of Georgia :) As evidenced by the picture, I am a Whovian, and if you’re wondering, the bow on my head is really a bowtie. I love Alternative music, photography, painting, and all sorts of art. [Not that I’m any good at it, haha]. I’m pretty friendly, so come say hi!
DFTBA, Nerdfighteria! 


Hello, my name is Amy. I am a twenty-two year old who knows nobody that understands or is into the whole nerdfighter thing. So some friends that understand the green brothers and everything that comes with this world would be absolutely amazing.

I love Harry Potter, I grew up on the books since I could remember. And if you’re wondering, I am proudly Hufflepuff. I am always here to talk about our fandom with you. I also have fallen in love with the Hunger Games. Amazingly written and I really can not wait to see the movie this spring. Other authors that you may or may not have heard that I am addicted to:: Maureen Johnson, Julie Anne Peters, and John Green… amoungst others. As for music, I’m really into Wrock, ALL CAPS and Kristina Horner, Eddplant, Julia Nunes, Fortunes Fall, Alex Day, Ben Steed, and so many others.

So if you want to talk some more just get ahold of me!




My name is Ellen and I am 19 years old. I love alternative rock, british rock and oldies music. (also really random music). I love lots of movies and shows, but my favorite nerdy ones are Doctor Who, Torchwood, etc. I am currently study Physics and Math at a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania, but I am from the suburbs of Chicago! I am partially outgoing and shy, it depends who I am with. I can be very silly. I am looking to meet some awesome people :]


The thing, with the, the thing…

Hello there. I am Jamie, but you can call me Cube. I’m a 21 Year Old UK based nerdfighter. I live in Liverpool, up in the North West, and I’m studying Creative Writing in University, and having the most amazing time, sharing work, helping others with theirs, getting help back, it’s amazing.

I love going to open mic nights, listening to people share music and stories and poetry, sometimes read my own out. I’m also a bit of a karaoke master, and I love to both watch and act in plays. Basically, give me a stage and I’ll go wild.

But I also love to stay in, watch Doctor Who or Buffy DVDs, or a film, maybe with snacks, however, that is difficult on a student budget.

I’ve got a picture, in which I’m wearing a pretty awesome suit. I think it was taken mid-conversation, imagine that it’s about something intelligent. It probably wasn’t, it was probably about ninjas or monster trucks, but just pretend I talk about clever things.

Thanks for reading, if you want to get in touch, don’t hesitate. My tumblr is http://www.tumblr.com/blog/cubedreamsinwords or you could follow me on twitter @countcube 

Hope to hear from people



I’m Amanda, 22, 5’ 2”, and I live in Washington state. I have a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting/drawing. I intern at a museum.

I don’t ever drink, smoke, or do drugs. I am left-wing, atheist. I like indie acoustic music like Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons, Iron & Wine, Laura Marling and so many more. My favorite movies are Dirty Dancing and Donnie Darko. 

I like Harry Potter, Dr Who, Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Zelda. My favorite color is purple. 

My favorite city is Portland. I like all Oriental food, and Indian food. 

I am kinda quiet, love reading, don’t watch much television, don’t party. I like geocaching and dogs, I like chocolate and ice cream.

http://amandatownsend.tumblr.com/ :)


Hey, I’m Caitlin. I’m 15 years old and currently living and was born in South Australia. I love reading and drinking tea.. Watching Disney movies and assorted American and British TV shows which include the likes of Castle and Doctor Who, and being an awesome Gryffindor ;D. I like writing so I like English.. I am outgoing around some people.. But when it comes to public speaking. Bleh. I absolutely love music. Music like wrock, trock, the stuff they play on Triple J, DFTBA Records and so much more. That’d be all for now I guess! Oh, and my url is dragonsgorawr.tumblr.com


Aww Geez, Aww Geez

I’m Matthew! I’m 24 years old, and am currently a graduate student studying International Peace and Conflict Resolution in the Philadelphia, PA area. So, decreasing worldsuck is almost literally my job description ^_^

I don’t play many modern video games, because they’re expensive, but I like collecting older ones, particularly things from Sega’s systems. On the movie front, I usually watch pretty poorly made ones, like the B- or C-movie shlock one would see on Mystery Science Theater 3000. I am a fan of a number of other things, from Doctor Who to giant robots to My Little Pony to really old types of clothes (which is where my username comes from).

I’m in the middle of being outgoing or shy; I open up pretty quickly, but I tend to start off interactions a bit more reserved.

As for pictures, here’s the one I use as my avatar! :-D:



Oh hey there Nerdfighteria, I am a girl.

Hi. Hey. Howareya?

I am Leslie, a seventeen year old who hardly knows anyone that understands this whole VlogBrothers “thing.” Sure, I may be friends with nerds, but it is not the same as embracing the truth of our nerdiness like Nerdfighters do. So I would like to meet some of you, and maybe we can befriend each other. If you would like.

Here is my nerdy profile—

I love Harry Potter with all my being. It is a part of who I am and always will be. I will always always always (Just like Snape) want to talk about HP with you. So don’t be shy. I will get in depth, too. Other fandoms I love are Doctor Who, Lost, Fringe, and The Hunger Games. I watch every original tv show on AMC—don’t ask me to pick a favorite. They are all brilliant. I read like it’s my job (and considering I plan on working in publishing, someday it will be. I hope) and my tastes vary wildly. I’m really into dystopian, post-apocalyptic stuff right now. I am a sucker for good yound adult novels (John Green of course, Maureen Johnson, and Stephanie Perkins) but I will read from every genre. Some other favorites of mine are The Bell Jar, The Catcher in the Rye, and Tess of the D’Urbervilles.

Music wise is also completely random. Right now my favorite band is probably The Avett Brothers, but I also enjoy The Wombats, Jukebox the Ghost, Jenny Lewis, Ben Folds, and (uhduh) The Beatles.

I generally find all of my classes at school interesting, but I especially enjoy history and English. AP Bio is surprisingly fascinating as well. Discuss it with me!

I’m not really shy—I love to talk to people and like to think that I am a compassionate person.

This is a pic of my little brother and I at a cookout!


Hello Nerdfighters!!

Hello! I’m Emily. I’m 18 and a freshmen in college. I go to a small school in Pennsylvania. I want to be a social worker. I’ve been pretty nerdy all my life and nerdfighteria is an awesome place!

I love reading, dancing, and acting. I’ve been involved in ballet since I was 3. I started theatre in high school. I love directing, being on stage, working on stage crew, and writing short plays. At college, I’m in involved in hall council and a bunch of charity groups on campus.

Music is wonderful. I like to listen to Jason Mraz, Mumford and Sons, Coldplay, Young the Giant, Adele, Death Cab for Cutie, and everything else in the world.

Even though I don’t like to admit it, I really like TV. I watch How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation, Stargate SG1, Arrested Development, LOST, and Glee.

I will read pretty much anything. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Some of my favorite books are Revolutionary Road, Animal Farm, Hunger Games, Memoirs of a Geisha, Of Mice and Men, Thank You for Smoking, and The Help.

I don’t have very many friends who are nerdfighters. I’m shy and a little bit awkward, but I’m hoping you guys don’t mind too much!



ASL? *shrug* 16. Girl. SoCal.

I’ve never done this before so I apologize if it’s awkward sounding.

I’m not exactly here for nerdfighter like but I want to meet more nerdfighter friends.

Hello there! I’m Gabbie/Geo/Ann/Mae. Honestly, I’m not to picky on what you call me as long as it’s not “Gabriella.”

Black hair which I dyed red (I felt like changing it up). Brown eyes but blue contacts (I’m visually impaired). 5’ 3”. Filipina.

I’m usually cheery and love to joke around a lot—I love to make people laugh—but I’m also good for a serious conversation. I’m a listening kind of person but, if you’re on the quiet side, I’ll make sure there’s never an awkward silence.

My interests:

  • Drawing, painting, inking, sculpting, anything that lets me get creative with my hands.
  • Video games. Judge me all you want but COD is currently one of my bigger obsessions. I’m not very good but I’ll play all day if given the opportunity.
  • Reading and writing.
  • I love movies and am thinking of going into the film industry.
  • Youtube (mainly nerdfighter vloggers).
  • I can be very involved with politics so if you like talking about that, I’m all ears. I don’t follow it religiously but I’m concerned.
  • Also (referring to above), I’m always up for a debate on ANY topic. I have no taboo subjects. If you can get me interested in something and you want to discuss it, I’m here.
  • I love watching soccer. I used to play but discovered that I’m not very good at it but I love watching.
  • History, art, film, and foreign language are my favorite subjects.
Here is an awkwardly placed picture of what I currently look like:
Even though I’ve conveniently spam linked my page all over this post, here it is:
Well, I’ve let you get to know me. Send me a message and let me get to know you, Nerdfighteria.

I am an English nerd to the extreme. I’ll read anything I can get my hands on. Next spring, I’ll be starting grad school to get an MA in English. I told you it’s extreme.

I’m really kind of shy, unless some one else starts talking. You would think that being at what is considered one of the best “party schools” in the nation (that’s not why I chose to come here) would make it easier, but I don’t really go to parties. So, yeah, I’m kind of a hermit unless I have a reason to go out.

Oh, I should probably tell you that I’m a pretty hardcore knitter.

Find me at penslikefireneedleslikewind.tumblr.com, or .blogspot.com


Hello there! :)

I’m not quite sure bout this whole thing, but I figured why not?!

Hi, I’m Beth!  I’m 19 years old and originally from California but I’m currently attending college in Arizona.  I love sculpture and reading (I also love suggestions for what I should read next!)  I don’t have a favorite band, or color, or book, or whatever because I like just about everything.  I can be little shy at first, but for the most part I’m outgoing and sometimes just plain weird.  I also love sign language and tea.  Oh my goodness.  I drink so much tea!  I guess that’s pretty much it for now :)

Have a lovely day!